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Hi, I’m Adèle.

My passion is to help people master the French language at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

The purpose of my courses is to introduce the French language to English speaking people through the use of all five senses as well as working with different learning strategies. Students will gain an understanding of the French language and will eventually be able to write and hold a comprehensive conversation. The final day consists of a wonderful closure to the program with oral presentations and a quiz. A certificate will be sent for each level achieved.

You’ll find the classes enlightening, engaging, and expansive with great educational content on several subjects.

I have helped hundreds of students take their learning to the next level.

Adèle Poratto
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Expand your network and lifestyle by learning to communicate in French

These adult French conversation classes are for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students. These online group sessions focus on developing your listening and speaking abilities, and help you develop more fluency in everyday communication, consisting of a variety of online activities, dialogues and scenarios.

Examples are how to put a recipe together, how to invite someone to a party, how to put a comic strip together, how to read and article as you explain it in your own words, how to guess a riddle, how to write a poem, French questions often asked, situation, directions, comprehensive conversation with a colleague & how to translate an article from English to French.

Adèle is an excellent French teacher. I took several adult French classes and learned a great deal from her. She is also a very creative individual and I have seen her decorating skills at events I have attended.

Debbie Olsen

Freelance writer and editor

Adèle served on the Foreign Projects Committee for Rotary District 5360 (southern Alberta) She was definitely a person who got things done, attended to detail and was dependable. She truly lived up to the Rotary Motto, Service before Self.

Robin Knudsen D.V.M.

President at MEDIC Canada

I would like to recommend Adele Poratto for the position of educator. While working in Taiwan, Adele, demonstrated professionalism and an absolute love to instruct students. She would take the train, from Taichung each day, and travel an hour to get to her school. She would do this each school day, even in the height of inclement weather. She would grade her student’s work and measured her criticism with compassion. She would also spend extra time with her students. Adele would be an asset to any organization that she would become involved with. If you have any further questions regarding this exceptional person, please let me know.

Daniel Marcellini

Teacher at King Faisal University


French Instruction Classes, level 1, 2 and 3

Level 1

Basic conversation and grammar

Level 2

Understanding French phrases, comprehensive understanding of French grammar

Level 3

Read and write and translate a script

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